2008年4月12日 星期六


推甄自傳範例 1

I am Lin. Sophia is my English name. I am 18 years old, studying in a public girls’ high school. I come from a very happy middle class family. My father works in a bank and my mother works in a bookstore. I am not the so-called spoiled child. My parents make very sure of that by training me to be independent.

Throughout my academic career I have not only gotten good grades but also been very active on sport field and have involved in various societies. I play volleyball and enjoy the team spirit we have. I have joined the drama club and participated in many English speech contests. I really enjoy participating in school activities. I not only made many friends, but also gained many different valuable experiences.

I have been the class English tutor for almost three years. I like to discuss and share the experience of learning English with people a lot. We often read “China Post” and ”Time Magazine” and discuss the content, the word usage and practice speaking English by discussing the articles we have read. At the beginning we found it was quiet hard because we could rarely understand the content but we encouraged each other not to give up. Gradually we had made improvement, we were so excited by it that the group discussion of English books and magazines became one of the most enjoyable things for us every week. I have won the first prize of school English speech contest in second year of high school and many of my English speech contests in my second year of high school and many of my English articles were put on “Students Post.”

My fondness for English is developed from my childhood. It’s lonely to be the only child. I had no one to play with when I was a kid. My mom knew this so she took me with her all the time. Hence bookstores became my playground and books have been my playmates since I was young. My mom would show me those fancy books with cute illustrations on it. Firstly I was drawn by the pictures and then I was curious about these strange symbols called words. That was my first contact with English. As I was interested what those symbol meant, my parents taught me a bit. As they felt that I was eager to learn, they found me an English tutor. Thanks to my parents got the advantage of learning English by starting it at really early age.

My interest in English brought me to the world of English literature. I have been enchanted by this creative world since then, so I decide to major in English literature. My aim is to explore the world of literature and the world of great writers, to open my eyes and cultivate my mind through this great world of literature.

Besides English literature, I also have a wide range of hobbies. I love reading, Writing, music and movies. I have my active side as well, I enjoy swimming, hiking, raveling and going to the nature a lot. I believe we must have balance in our lives, As to my personality. I am creative, optimistic, determined, willing to help others and down to earth.

I want to be one of the literature students who have the privilege of studying great writers’ work and exploring their inner world, their outlook of life and their role as learned scholars and their influence on the world. I can also do little contribution to awaking the awareness of culture and literature in our society since its importance has been neglected by us.

推甄自傳範例 2

My name is Fang. I am now 17 years old. I have an English name called Matthew. I am studying in a private high school. There are five people in my family officer and my mother is a housewife. Both of my younger brother and sister are studying in junior high school. You might think that my family is a traditional and stern one because of my father. However, it’s the opposite. My father is an open-minded person full of sense of humor. I must say I am lucky to have such a happy family.

My father certainly have great influence on me, I always look up to him. His passion and dedication to his job and family are the best things us. He never forces us to do anything we don’t like. He gives us freedom of choice. That’s why I can join so many school activities and have the chance to develop my hobbies.

I have been very active. I am one of the computer freaks who just can’t take my eyes away from the computer screen. My friends know I am good in computer, so as their computers have troubles, they would come to me. I am also a picture in school baseball team. Our team has won many, many matches thus we gained an honorable title of ”unbeatable” team “I believe this is resulted from our constant practice, hard work and our strong team spirit.

Although computer and baseball take up most of my leisure time, I manage to use some spare time to play electronic guitar in a band. I use computer to make a lot of our songs into MIDI flies and send them forward to many friends. My friends love them and think it’s awesome. To be able to combine my knowledge of computer and music is my proudest thing. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t neglect my study. Unless my grades in school is OK, otherwise my parents won’t let me go all these.

I have been interested in computer since I was an elementary school student. That was the time Father had this big computer on his desk. Every time I was father’s absorbed face while using the computer, I developed this kind of admiration to it. I said to myself “I want to be like that one day.”

I liked to play around with my dad’s computer. One day I accidentally deleted one of my dad’s important files, I was very scared that my father would be furious with me. However it was not the case, my father gave me a gift instead of punishment. I was so surprised. Guess what? Yes, I got anew computer. Ever since then I have been addicted to computers, especially after the emerging of the Internet. Surfing the net has been one of my greatest hobbies.

The e-Commerce has changed our traditional form of life style. Take myself for example: I keep in touch with my friends through e-mail: I send my greetings through e-card; I buy books from e-book; I shop from many websites and I search information from the search engines.

Not to mention the importance of the e-era has brought most powerful reform to the business world banks and stock markets do transaction through the net, business direct transaction through the net, he space and time limitation no longer exist. I am fascinated to the new change and eager to take part in it. So I have decided to study in Computer and Information Science. I want to be a professional computer programmer who creates and designs the software to meet the needs of people in e-ear.

推甄自傳範例 3

I am Toa. My English name is Angela. I am 17 years old. I am from Taipei First Girls’ High School. I come from a well-to-do family. My mother passed away when I was in my first junior high year. My father is a computer engineer who remarried again three years ago. My grandparents live with us as well. My family manages to get along pretty well.

Throughout my school years, my academic results have always been pretty good expected in second half of first year and first half of the second year, because my mother’s death was such an anguish to me. It took me more than a year to get better. My father was afraid that I would turn bad after that. So he encouraged me to join many extra-curriculum activities. He sent me to piano class, ballet class and art class.

His purpose was to see that through music and art, I would find a way to let my pain go so that my heart would be comforted and my pain would ease away. I am very grateful to my father’s caring and thoughtful consideration. Since then music has been my spiritual guide, gradually becoming my most intimate companion.

In my high school years, I have taken any chance to participate in school activities. I join the chorus and jazz club, and participate in plenty of contests and performing for many occasions. We have won many contests and had been invited by city mayor to perform in the city hall. I am also the, member of art club, I enjoy sketch and painting very much.

Every time when I have chance I would go to Music Theater to listen to symphony and orchestra performance. There’s not once I would not be moved by the music. I really admire those musicians’ talent, passion and dedication to music. I wish one day I would be able to become one of them, performing on the stage and touring around the world. That’s my passion and expectation to myself, wish you would give me a chance to fulfill it.

推甄自傳範例 4

My name is Yang. I am 17 years old. My English name is Wendy. There are seven people in my family, and I am the second child among five. My father is the undertaker of a factory and my mother is a housewife. My sister is a university student, while my younger sisters and brothers are junior high school students. Luckily, I have a happy family with open-minded parents and have a life with affluent materials.

Since I was a kindergarten student, I enjoyed singing and dancing very much. Usually, I volunteered to perform in front of the class. I remember then, I liked to watch variety shows, and that’s how I learned to sing popular songs. Those singers and actors who perform in TV programs are my idols. Every time we hold the birthday celebration for my grandparents, it is me who have to imitate the singers in front of the relatives to amuse them. I felt entertaining people is such a great enjoyment.

Throughout my school time, I have been a regular student in study, but have excellent performance on various activities. Speech, painting, singing contests are my battlefield and the place for me to win my honor. Besides, I have wide range of hobbies. I enjoy reading novels, seeing movies, swimming, mountain hiking, roller-staking and overseas traveling. Also I join the badminton and drama clubs. I spend most of my time in the drama club after school, for every one of our club members has to undertake the role of both the performer and the staff. There are so many works to be done before a play is ready and all of our club members have to contribute ourselves what we are good at. While working with those vigorous and creative fellows I never feel tired or bored.

This summer, my drama club produces a play called ”Aladdin” as our graduation ceremony show. I played Aladdin’s mother, a comic role in the play with greedy and sarcastic characteristics. Because it was a musical, all the actors had to sing and dance at the same time. And thanks to the professional teachers who volunteered to instruct us, we even did the chorus during the play, which was a quartet with fantastic dancing. During the holidays we came to school doing rehearsals and made the costume and by this creative stage world that I stared to think very seriously that whether it was a dream for me to pursuit. My parents tell me to do what I want but not what I am expected to and this is why I decided to apply myself to the drama department.

I want to become a stage actress as other companies who have the same ideal.

To me, a play not only can offer people entertainment, but also in many times, it can provide people a different point of view toward lives. Compare to those with full trained skill, who come from a professional school, maybe I am far too idealistic and naive. I know nothing is easy and I think to be a drama department student would be a big challenge. I have learned a line from my English teacher that is, ”Not until you give it a try will you know the result.” I got passion and expectation to myself, wish you would give me a opportunity to make my dream come true.

推甄自傳範例 5

I am Mark Huang, a second-year senior high school student. I am seventeen-year-old. I am from a well-to-do family. I am the eldest child of three. My father and mother run a trading company; my younger sister is in junior high school and our baby brother goes to elementary school. Since I am the eldest child, it makes me an independent, responsible and mature person.

I have great interests in computer. I have played with computer for almost seven years. My computer skill is superb. My friends always come to me for their computer problems.

I know how to set up a website and make flash animations. Currently I have my own website sharing my habits and interests with people around the world. My website is mainly about topics of computer, basketball and movies. I also make lots of funny flash cartoons on basketball.

I have met many web friends from many countries. We exchange information, ideas, school lives and academic problems. We have to communicate with one another in English, thus after these years of practicing English, it certainly helps me a lot in English and I become the top student in English course. Not to mention I am already the No.1 student in computer field.

In order to prepare myself for the E-era and be able to apple my interest and specialty into the workplace, I decide to major in computer science to enhance my computer skill and knowledge and learn how to design programs that will bring people efficiency and convenience in the 21st century.

With my computer and English ability, I am confident in myself to do well in computer field. Wish you could give me a chance to prove it. I am eager to be one of programmer who helps our society to do development and research on information and technology in this cutting edge.