2012年7月21日 星期六

不好的工作方式 千萬別上身!

It takes anywhere from three to 15 months to find the right job -- yet just days or weeks to lose it. Here are 10 traits that are career poison:

1Possessing Poor People Skills 人際溝通技巧差
A little likeability can go a long way. Studies by both the Harvard Business Review and Fast Company magazine show that people consistently and overwhelmingly prefer to work with likeable, less-skilled co-workers than with highly competent jerks.

讓人對你有好感度會有意想不到的效果。《哈佛商業評論》和《Fast Company》雜誌的研究都說,相較能力好、個性討人厭的人,人們寧可選擇個性好、能力差的同事合作。

[口語字彙] go a long way(對...大有幫助。)
原來意思是走長路,引申為可以買很多東西:Ten thousand dollars can go a long way to me.(一萬塊對我來說就很多了。)

還可進一步衍申為意想不到的效果:A little bit more time with your work would go a long way.(多花點時間在工作上會讓你得到意想不到的效果。)

2Not Being a Team Player 缺乏團隊精神
Organizations have ways of dealing with employees who subvert the team. Just ask Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Terrell Owens, who was suspended for the 2005 season after repeatedly clashing and taking public shots at his teammates and management. Show you're a team player and demonstrate that you've got the greater good of the organization at heart


[口語字彙] the greater good(更大利益)
“Good”一般我們習慣的是形容詞用法。其實它也可以當名詞,意思就是「利益」。常見的用法是" for the greater good",為更大的利益著想。

3Missing Deadlines 錯過最後期限
If the deadline is Wednesday, first thing Thursday won't cut it. Organizations need people they can depend on. Missing deadlines is not only unprofessional; it can play havoc with others' schedules and make your boss look bad. When making commitments, it's best to under-promise and over-deliver. Then, pull an all-nighter if you have to. It's that important


[口語字彙] Won’t cut it(不夠好、達不到要求)
很口語的表達,意思是「還不夠,還達不到要求」:He was promoted to manager two weeks ago, but he quit the job yesterday. I guess he just couldn't cut it.(他兩周前升職當經理,但昨天他辭職了。我想是因為他還達不到那個職位的要求。)

[口語字彙] under-promise and over-deliver
這是一句好話,說得白一點,就是給人「物超所值」。被喻為「911英雄」的Giuliani有一句名言,聰明的領袖應該是"Under Promise, Over Deliver"。這句話直接翻譯是:低承諾,高報酬。

[口語字彙] pull an all-nighter (開夜車、熬夜趕工)
To pull an all-nighter就是我們平常所說的「開夜車」 pull在這裡指讓自己受到某種煎熬。因此,這個片語更準確的意思,就是迫使自己整夜做事。I have to pull an all-nighter to get this project done.(我得熬夜把這個專案做完。)

4Conducting Personal Business on Company Time 上班時間處理私事
Keep personal phone calls brief and few. Also, never type anything in an e-mail that you don't want read by your boss. And we can't tell you how many poor souls have gotten fired for hitting the "Reply All" button and disseminating off-color jokes -- or worse yet -- rants about their boss for all to see

私人電話要少而短。不想主管看到的東西,就不要在郵件寫。很多可憐的傢伙被解雇是因為在郵件上按了「全部回覆」按鈕,搞得低俗笑話四處傳播——或更糟的是 ——怒駡主管的話搞得世人皆知。

5Isolating Yourself 孤立自己
Don't isolate yourself. Develop and use relationships with others in your company and profession. Those who network effectively have an inside track on resources and information and can more quickly cut through organizational politics.


6Starting an Office Romance 辦公室戀情
Unless you're in separate locations, office romances are a bad idea. If you become involved with your boss, your accomplishments and promotions will be suspect; if you date a subordinate, you leave yourself open to charges of sexual harassment.


7Fearing Risk or Failure 害怕風險或失敗
If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will. Have a can-do attitude and take risks. Instead of saying, "I've never done that, "say, "I'll learn how." Don't be afraid to fail or make mistakes. If you do mess up, admit it and move on. Above all, find the learning opportunities in every situation. Remember, over time, risk-aversion can be more hazardous to your career than error


8Having No Goals 沒有目標
Failure doesn't lie in not reaching your goal, but in not having a goal to reach. Set objectives and plan your daily activities around achieving them. Eighty percent of your effectiveness comes from 20percent of your activities. Manage your priorities and focus on those tasks that support your goals


9Neglecting Your Image 忽視個人形象
Fair or not, appearance counts. People draw all kinds of conclusions from the way you present yourself. So don't come to work poorly groomed or in inappropriate attire. Be honest, use proper grammar and avoid slang and expletives. You want to project an image of competence, character and commitment


10. Being Indiscreet 輕率
Cubicles, hallways, elevators, bathrooms are not your private domain. Be careful where you hold conversations and what you say to whom. Don't tell off-color jokes, reveal company secrets, gossip about co-workers or espouse your views on race, religion or the boss' personality.